Over 10,000m2 of undercover activities - just for kids

The Melbourne International Kids Festival is a one of a kind event where kids of all abilities can participate, create, imagine and experiment with an extravaganza of interactive experiences.   There will be something for everyone.

Kids will be stimulated and inspired, and families will walk away saying “wow”!!

About the event

Aimed at kids between the ages of 2 and 16, there is simply nothing else of this enormous scale available for families, where they can experience things they might otherwise not in their usual day to day lives.

Where all activities, workshops and performances will encourage kids to get involved and be hands on…. and all for the one entry price.

Come along and try fun exercise activities such as circus skills, dance, gymnastics, yoga, karate, or AFL, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket clinics, surfing on our specially built ‘surf’, or even archery, table tennis, hockey, golf and more.

Watch, laugh and learn from the variety of performances on our stage (music, pantomime, theatre, comedy, all suitable for a range of ages) and our roving performers.

Interact with our workshops where kids are encouraged to participate in creative activities such as art, music, photography, acting, singing, writing, poetry, comedy, clowning, magic, puppet making and much, much more.

Or they can try their skill at rock climbing or our giant and oversized board games.  And for the little ones, they can check out the ‘dress up’ area, participate in the many different craft activities, or have their face painted or their nails decorated.  There will even be a ‘disco dance area’ where kids can bop along to a DJ. In all there are over 70 different activities available!!

To be held at Caulfield Racecourse (over 3000 square meters of activity space), the event will be fully undercover, and there’s fantastic public transport right on the door step as well as free parking.

And we haven’t forgotten the parents.  There’ll be pram parking spots throughout the venue, along with mother’s change rooms, quiet corners for a “time out” cup of coffee, and free water and hand cleaning facilities scattered throughout.

There are so many activities that families will want to come back for more. Our 3 day ticket option allows families to return and continue the fun day after day!

The entry ticket provides entry to the venue, and once inside, unless you choose to purchase food or drinks, everything from that point is free. This is an opportunity to get your kids out from in front of the computer and the tv and let them experience, and engage with, a fantastic range of activities.

If you’d like more information about the event please email us (contact information below).

About us

We are a small group of people who care about the future of our kids.

We want this event to be for all families, and with positive social outcomes.  We believe that for kids it’s about self-worth and achievement, personal development, confidence and leadership.  Kids participation in the arts and sport, and membership of all sorts of community groups, is important.

With that in mind, we are working with the Les Twentyman Foundation, Rotary and The Smith Family, all charities who support disadvantaged youth, to identify families in need and provide them free access to the event.

Each ticket sold will go not only towards the running of the event, but towards providing an opportunity for kids who, through no fault of their own, would not otherwise have the chance to participate in a sporting, cultural or arts group.   

By donating to, and working with, the Les Twentyman Foundation – a like minded charity – we will also follow through and assist these disadvantaged kids to pursue their chosen activities.

You should therefore be proud to know that for every dollar you spend purchasing a ticket to this great event, not only will you have a great day out, but you will be helping underprivileged youth also benefit.

"Research shows that involvement in sports and cultural activities provides multiple benefits for children.  These include better physical and mental health, increased confidence, self-esteem and a sense of identity. Involvement creates a sense of belonging and connection with their peers and it helps enhance a child’s belief in what they can achieve."

  Anne Hampshire, Head of Research and Advocacy — The Smith Family

For Sponsors AND Advertisers

This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the larger community while at the same time benefiting from the brand awareness that will come experientially from the event.  

Sponsors and advertisers will be provided with multiple opportunities to promote, engage and build their audience through a comprehensive communications and promotional plan that will provide brand promotion across a variety of platforms.

And on another level, what better than to have your product ‘road tested’ by the kids and their families.

Brand Awareness plus Community Engagement

For More Info

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